Costa Rica Rainforest Vacation

Costa Rica’s lush rainforests are world-renowned for their biodiversity and accessibility. Take a tour through the rainforest and stop at breathtaking waterfalls or hike high above the forest floor on a suspension bridge wound through the canopy.

Experience the beauty of rare and endangered birds, watch playful monkeys, and uncover the many natural wonders the rainforest has to offer. At the end of your day, relax in a lodge nestled in the canopy of the rainforest and within easy range of beaches, volcanoes, and cloud forests. In the more humid cloud forests, you can expect to encounter everything from sloths and howler monkeys to colorful toucans and orchids. Let a guide take you through these majestic forests and help you discover the secrets the Costa Rican forests have to offer.

Whether you are passionate about exotic wildlife or looking for an active, educational vacation in the rainforest, Costa Rica offers vacation choices for every budget and set of interests. Set your own flexible itinerary while we provide ongoing service and advice from those who know Costa Rica best—Costa Ricans themselves. Let one of our friendly and experienced travel specialists help you plan a tropical getaway today. Tell us how you envision your Costa Rican rainforest vacation by taking a few minutes to fill out the form below.

Costa Rica Rainforest Vacation Reviews

This country, it's people and food are some of the best I have ever encountered. The Arenal volcano and lush rainforests took my breath away. My 9 year old son said "this was the best vacation ever!". He especially enjoyed the twilight safari cruise. The website was so great I recommended it BEFORE I went on vacation. My friend followed us a few days later, and we had the time of our lives. Every tour, hotel & transportation exceeded our expectations. I had lots of questions and changes, and Harold handled every one with incredible professionalism. I have recommended him to several people already. –Smita S, California

Anywhere Costa Rica is the way to go! Outstanding service that truly made our trip memorable and adventurous. Anywhere Costa Rica took care of all our bookings, we just showed up and went along for the ride! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I would suggest taking as many day trips as possible - explore the Volcano, Rainforests, Coffee plantations and Waterfalls and get out to the coasts to see the ocean! –Tyler S, Ohio

We loved our trip. Covered all aspects of nature, rain forests, beaches, volcanoes, wild life, etc. The drive across the country was a great experience. I strongly recommend driving. Not sure how I found out about this website/service but I strongly recommend Alejandra. She was quite informative, patient, skillful and prompt. Her communications skills are really good. I kept changing my plans, preferences multiple times, but she patiently worked with me throughout the planning process and provided accurate information all the time. I never felt that she's trying to over sell the products, any point of time. –Apu K, New Jersey

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beautiful people. We were so impressed with everyone that we met and the pride that exudes from all. It was a wonderful experience for our daughter, 11. I'm glad we were able to visit both the RainForest and the Coast as both are so different and each equally as beautiful. After we returned, my husband (who isn't the easiest to please) said that this is the best trip he has ever taken. Working with Anywhere Costa Rica to plan and schedule our vacation was an amazing experience at all stages. The itinerary that was eventually developed was perfect for our needs including the lodging, meals and entertainment, excursions, transportation. I loved Anywhere Costa Rica and wish other countries had a similar service! –Nina L, California

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