Travel Questions? Anywhere Costa Rica Answers

If you are getting ready for a vacation to Costa Rica, or simply looking to learn about Costa Rica in general, our frequently asked question guide is a helpful resource to find topics and answers to specific questions that you may have in mind. We have outlined a number of topics that come up frequently during our travel consulting process as well as general questions that we get via email. Within each topic you will find many of the commonly asked questions along with a descriptive answer. If you do not find a question/answer within the topics, please feel free to send us an email so we can answer your question.

Vacation to Costa Rica

  1. Is Costa Rica Family Friendly?

  2. What are the Top Activities in Costa Rica?

  3. What are the top destinations in Costa Rica?

  4. When Is the Best Time to Go to Costa Rica?

  5. Where Are the Nicest Beaches?

  6. Where Can I Find Sea Turtles?

  7. Where Is the Best Fishing in Costa Rica?

  8. Where Is the Best Surfing?


  1. How Close Can You Get to the Arenal Volcano?

  2. How Many Volcanoes Are There in Costa Rica?

  3. Is It Possible to Climb to the Summit of the Arenal Volcano?

  4. What Are Costa Rica's Most Accessible Volcanoes?

  5. What Is the Current Lava Flow at the Arenal Volcano?

Adventure Activities

  1. Are Adventure Tours For Me?

  2. Are Adventure Tours Safe?

  3. Is There a Weight Limit Or Age Limit For Adventure Tours?

  4. What Is The Difference Between Sky Trek And Selvatura?

Arrival and Departure

  1. Do I Have To Pay a Departure Tax?

  2. How Long Can I Stay In Costa Rica?

  3. What Documents Do I Need To Visit Costa Rica?

  4. Where Are Costa Rica's Airports?

Food and Service Etiquette

  1. How Much Do I Tip Drivers And Other Service Workers?

  2. How Much Should I Tip After A Meal?

  3. Is The Food The Same Everywhere in Costa Rica?

  4. What Is Costa Rican Food Like?

Geography and Weather

  1. How Big Is Costa Rica?

  2. Is It Easy To Get a Sunburn In Costa Rica?

  3. What Is The landscape of Costa Rica Like?

  4. What Is The Weather Like In Costa Rica?

  5. What Time Is It In Costa Rica?

  6. Where Is Costa Rica?

Getting Around

  1. Are Pets Allowed In The Shuttles?

  2. Can I Take Public Buses Around Costa Rica?

  3. Can We Plan a Day Trip To Arenal From Monteverde Or From Arenal To Monteverde?

  4. How Do I Find My Shuttle Service At the Airport?

  5. How Will I Find My Private Transport At the Airport?

  6. I Arrive At 2 PM - Can I Still Make The 3 PM Shuttle?

  7. Should I Rent A car?

  8. What Are The Baggage Restrictions on Domestic Flights?

  9. What Are the Baggage Restrictions For Shuttles?

  10. What Are the Driving Times Between Destinations?

  11. What Are the Roads Like In Costa Rica?

  12. What Destinations Offer Domestic Flights?

  13. What Is a Taxi-Boat-Taxi Service?

  14. Is a Driver's License All I Need To Drive in Costa Rica And Rent a Car?

  15. What Is the Difference Between Private and Shuttle Transports?

Health and Safety

  1. Are There Many Mosquitoes in Costa Rica?

  2. Do I Need To Take Malaria Pills Or Get Certain Vaccinations?

  3. If I Need Medicine, Can I Easily Get It?

  4. Is Crime a Problem in Costa Rica?

  5. Is Costa Rica Safe?

  6. Is It Safe To Eat the Local Fruits and Vegetables?

  7. Is It Safe To Swim In the Ocean?

  8. Is the Water Safe to Drink?

  9. What Are the Medical Facilities Like in Costa Rica?

  10. What Should I Do in Case Of An Emergency?

Money and Budgeting

  1. Are Credit Cards Accepted?

  2. How Much Are Meals, Drinks, Taxis and Other Daily Expenses?

  3. How Much Cash Should I Carry?

  4. What Kinds of Gifts and Souvenirs Can I Find?

  5. Where Can I Exchange Money?

Nature and National Parks

  1. Can I Expect to See Wildlife in Costa Rica?

  2. Does the Guided Tour at the Monteverde Reserve Include the Entrance Fee? Are We Guaranteed Entrance?

  3. Does the cloud forest reserve in monteverde limit the number of visitors?

  4. How Much Does it Cost to Visit a National Park or Reserve?

  5. I Want a Nature Vacation. Where Should I Go?

  6. Where Do I Meet the Guide for the Hike Through the Monteverde/Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, and How Do I Recognize Him?

  7. What Is So Special About Costa Rica's Biodiversity?

  8. Where Are Costa rica's National Parks & Reserves?

Packing for Your Trip

  1. Do I Need an Adapter for My Electronics?

  2. What Should I Bring for My Adventure Vacation?

  3. What Should I Bring for a Relaxing Vacation?

Sustainable Travel Concerns

  1. How Can I Tell If a Hotel Is Sustainable

  2. How Much of Costa Rica's Energy Comes From Renewable Sources?

  3. What Can I Do To Minimize My Impact?

People, Economy, and Government

  1. Is The Government Stable?

  2. What Is the Economy Like?

  3. What Is Costa Rica's Population and Ethnic Makeup?

  4. Will I See A Lot of Poverty?

Phones and Internet

  1. How Do I Dial From the U.S. to Costa Rica?

  2. How Do I Dial From Costa Rica To the U.S.?

  3. Is It Possible to Buy Pre-Paid Cell Phones At the Airport?

  4. Do You Recommend Renting a Cell Phone or Using an International Phone Card?

  5. Where Can I Rent a Cell Phone in Costa Rica?

Special Accommodations

  1. Can I Bring My Pet to Costa Rica?

  2. Can I Have My Wedding in Costa Rica?

Our Travel Services

  1. Are You in Costa Rica?

  2. What Are the Benefits of Booking My Trip With Anywhere Costa Rica?

  3. Can I Modify My Itinerary After I Have Paid For It?

  4. Can I Pay For the Itinerary Using Multiple Credit Cards So That The Whole Charge Is Not On One Card?

  5. Do I pay Extra For Your Services?

  6. Do You Offer Trip Insurance or Know Where I Can Purchase It?

  7. Do You Speak English?

  8. How Can We Get a Discount With Your Company?

  9. How Does Your System Work?

  10. How Long Before I Get My Confirmation?

  11. What If Something Goes Wrong?

  12. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?