Puerto Viejo Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Known for its laidback attitude and famous for it's surfing, Puerto Viejo beckons visitors to come experience Costa Rica’s eccentric side.  The village’s cultural influences are interesting to be sure: a mix of Afro-Caribbean, Bribri
Indian, tico and hippyesque counterculture, this small port town is an anthropological study in itself.  A mere 11 miles (18 km) from Cahuita, Puerto Viejo is accessible via Highway 36 or by simply walking south, along the beach


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Vacations in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo has recently become a hit with tourists due to its cultural allure, stunning white-sand beaches, tropical vegetation and its proximity to national parks.  Nearby Cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors a chance to observe the region’s stunning wildlife, both of which are a short drive away.  

Native American traditions are well established.  Indigenous reserves dot Talamanca—as this southern region is referred to by its indigenous population—which serves as a virtual extension of the national parks system.  The Asociación Talamanca de Ecoturismo y Conservación (ATEC) offers information and tours to visitors interested in the local indigenous culture.  A grassroots organization, ATEC was founded to promote sustainable tourism and cultural expression amongst the mixed population in which it serves.  The organization offers tours complete with guides at an extremely fair price. 


"Jungle Love was a great place to eat; the town is a bike ride from the Shawandha Lodge, but bikes are hard to find."

"Lovely laid back town, we really enjoyed the jaguar rescue centre"

"Check out El Refugio for an amazing dinner. You may want to make reservations though as the place is quite small. The people of the town are pretty friendly and it's worth getting out and walking around for a while to experience the culture."

"Try Chile Roja for good food and hit up The Point to catch a football game when one's on! "

"We actually took a bike ride into this town which was a couple miles from our hotel. The people said hello and we felt very safe. I shopped at a few areas and was not hassled. I feel if you are nice to people, they are nice to you back. Smile, it's not hard!! Had a good day!"

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