Puerto Caldera

South Central Region of Costa Rica

Puerto Caldera sits on the Gulf of Nicoya. This is a popular spot for city-dwelling Costa Ricans in San José and to take a convenient beach vacation – Puerto Caldera is a little less than a three-hour drive from San José. While you stay here you will get to experience an authentically Costa Rican beach town


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This town is ideally located for ocean-going adventure. Visitors come here to set off on fishing trips, and Nicoya has a lovely coastline for boating and kayaking. Puerto Caldera is also a popular place to stay before visiting Tortuga Island, which is on the other side of the gulf and offers more beaches, bars, and seafood restaurants.  

Inland Puerto Caldera has hills with hiking trails and zip-lines. Shops in town sell excellent Costa Rican coffee and local handicrafts.

"We just came into the port & met our driver. Seemed like a very industrial area from what we saw."

"We were told not much to do and that is right, but we were there to board a cruise ship."