Ecocentro Danaus Night Walk

Location: Arenal

Discover the creatures of the night on a night walk through a private reserve named Ecocentro Danaus, just minutes from La Fortuna. This wonderful reforestation project has attracted hundreds of species of wildlife and has become a great example of the regenerative power of the tropical forests.


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Visitors will receive a flashlight and an experienced bilingual guide that will lead you on a very well groomed and flat trail. Throughout the walk you will learn of the differences and special adaptations used by the nocturnal animals. 

What to Bring:

Hiking shoes, camera, insect repellent and long pants.

What this Tour Includes

Expert bilingual guide, drinks, entrance fee.

"This was another one of our favorite tours of the evening. Our tour guide was incredible too."

"Even though we went while it was pouring, thundering and lightning, we still had a great time on the tour and saw sloths, a few kinds of frogs, and other cool creatures! It was a great night activity!"

"This was one of our favorite experiences. Our guide (whose name I cannot find) was excellent and very devoted to the refuge. We saw more animals here than anywhere else in Costa Rica -- butterflies, small mammals, birds at dusk, bats, reptiles of all sorts, including caymans, red eyed frogs, poison frogs, snakes, a three-toed sloth and much more. This was much better than advertised. This was a private tour for us. "

"Definite highlight - loved it. Excellent friendly guide. Low key location but excellent wildlife viewing."

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