Eco Termales

Location: Arenal

Visit the pristine Eco Termales natural hot springs in La Fortuna, a sanctuary of unmatched natural beauty and relaxation.



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There are four pools. They vary in temperature from 99° Fahrenheit to 105° (37° to 41° C). These warm waters have an invigorating and soothing effect. One of the pools features a man-made waterfall. All of the pools are surrounded by the bright colors and greenery of Arenal's rainforest. 

Eco Termales is family-owned and operated natural hot springs. They allow a limited number of guests each day so that visitors can get the most out of their visit to the springs. It's easy to spend the day here – Eco Termales provides poolside refreshments and delectable meals. 

Eco Termales prepares fresh, savory criollo cuisine for its guests. Meals at here are served buffet style. You can choose from two hot entrees, and then help yourself to salad ingredients, fruits, the soup of the day, and a selection of Costa Rican desserts. 

Special Note: The duration of morning block (10:00 am) is 3 hours. The 1:00 pm block and 5:00 pm block are from 4 hours.
Eco Termales is closed on December 25th and January 1st.

What to Bring:

Camera, bathing suit, sandals.

What this Tour Includes

Entrance fee, showers, lockers, meal (optional).

"Eco Termales was also the favorite tour of the trip. We went in the evening and it was magical ..."

"So relaxing! Sitting in a hot pool of water outside with a cold drink in the rain. It was the perfect ending to our day. "

"The thermal springs were fantastic. The local cuisine we got to sample rather than hotel food was a plus. "

"Great hot springs! "

"WOW! So relaxing, clean and varied. My teen aged daughter LOVED this. Even the dinner was delicious, nicely prepared. "

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